TapouT Magazine Features MMA Discount in April Edition

Tapout Magazine will feature a full page MMA Discount spread and a 2 page company profile write up in their April 2009 edition. The new MMA business model being presented by MMA Discount has drawn much attention from other MMA companies, fighters and the MMA business as a whole, which contributed to the feature. The new business model, launched in October 2008 at the beginning of the global recession, could not have come at a more opportune time for MMA fighters, amateurs, and MMA fans trying to save a buck during the uncertain financial times.

This model allows users to shop and compare prices from multiple MMA shops on one website, MMADiscount.com. MMA Discount’s users are able to get truly the best MMA discounts by visiting the MMA coupons page and more importantly, by finding the product they’re looking for in Shop #1, then finding the same product in Shop #2, comparing prices and purchasing the cheap MMA product.

MMA Discount is currently featuring MMA Warehouse in it’s Shop #1 and Combat Sports in Shop #2. Cheap MMA clothing and cheap MMA gear is abundant at MMA Discount!

Look for the huge MMA Discount spread in April’s edition of TapouT, and remember to check out the company write up to find out tips for even greater MMA savings on MMA Discount!

MMA Muscle Supplements $10 OFF at MMA Sports Nutrition!

Nutrition for MMA fighters has long been overlooked since the sport’s emergence onto the mainstage in the United States, UK and around the world several years ago. For this reason, one company has taken the initiative to be the 1st MMA supplement shop. Providing real MMA supplements intense enough for an MMA athletes training regimen is the focus of MMASportsNutrition.com, which is why they offer real MMA supplement brands like MMA Muscle and MusclePharm (coming soon!). 

MMA Discount’s goal is to provide customers the opportunity to shop multiple MMA shops for MMA fight gear, MMA clothes, and MMA fight equipment. Our Shop 2 offers MMA Muscle supplements for customers purchasing MMA gear who only want to have 1 shipment to track, however MMA Discount’s sister company, MMA Sports Nutrition offers MMA Muscle supplements at $10-20 OFF so you probably want to buy them there! Also available on MMA Sports Nutrition is FREE SHIPPING on all orders of $99 or more!

Mixed martial arts training involves several different areas of focus from technique, to diet and nutrition, to MMA equipment. For all your MMA apparel and fight gear, visit MMADiscount.com and compare prices from several MMA shops on your favorite gear like Tapout fight shorts, Sinister gear, Affliction clothes, Sprawl Shorts, Combat Sports gear, Fairtex gloves, Throwdown shin guards, Windy training gloves, Everlast equipment, heavy bags and more! For your MMA nutrition needs, check out MMASportsNutrition.com and SAVE BIG on MMA Muscle supplements and other real MMA brands!

MMA Discount Partners with MMASportsNutrition.com

MMA Discount has listened to the voices of our customers and we’re proud to announce a new partnership intended to provide our customers with one of the most overlooked aspect of mixed martial arts: MMA nutrition and supplementation. MMA Discount has partnered with www.MMASportsNutrition.com to bring our customers the lowest prices on REAL MMA SUPPLEMENT BRANDS and MMA nutrition products! MMA Sports Nutrition is the first store of its kind: a one-stop shop designed specifically for MMA fighters to find the real MMA supplements they need!


MMA fighters are the most intense athletes on the planet – so they need supplements that can carry them thru the most extreme and excruciating workout sessions and competitions imaginable. Thanks to MMA Sports Nutrition, MMA fighters can now find real MMA supplement brands like MMA Muscle brand and MusclePharm (coming soon)!


MMA Discount is very excited about this partnership and the opportunity to provide our customers with the most relevant resource regarding their MMA nutrition. Now at MMASportsNutrition.com, receive FREE SHIPPING on all orders $99 or more! Also, with every purchase of any MMA Muscle product, you’ll receive a FREE MMA Muscle – Train to Conquer bandana!


MMA diets, nutrition and supplementation are just as important to a fighter as fighting techniques themselves. Without the proper nutrition and supplementation, mixed martial artists cannot be 100% physically or mentally, which is why so many of the best UFC fighters are now focusing more and more on MMA nutrition.


To be the best, you have to learn from and emulate the best. If you want to be the best in the cage, follow what the best are doing. Fighters like Chuck Liddell and Georges St. Pierre know the huge importance of MMA nutrition and continue to emphasize the importance of their diets just as much as their training regimens on a daily basis.


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MMA Savings with MMA Discount’s New Way to Shop MMA!

MMA clothes & gear have never been this easy to shop for! You can now save money & time by comparing prices from several MMA shops all at MMA Discount!


This new way to shop MMA is bringing on the best deals from the 2 MMA shops currently being featured: MMA Warehouse & Combat Sports – two of the largest resellers of MMA Fight Gear and Equipment.


To find the lowest priced MMA products and best deals available at MMA Discount, check out the MMA Coupons section of MMADiscount.com! The MMA Warehouse Shop features several Recent Price Drops on MMA clothes, MMA equipment, and fight gear where customers can take advantage of a surplus of MMA inventory. When seasons change, it’s out with the old and in with the new, so MMA Warehouse is constantly updating their Recent Price Drops list with new MMA shirts, MMA shorts, MMA fight gear and more.


Also found in the MMA Coupons section is MMA discounts, coupons, and specials from our Combat Sports Shop. Currently featuring $5 OFF every order and $10 OFF all orders over $100!


Don’t let these uncertain economic times scare you – during times like these companies must adjust their business models to accommodate their customers’ needs and that is exactly what MMA Discount has done! Beat the recession and shop smart!


You can find your favorite products like Windy Training Gloves, Combat Sports Fight Gloves, Affliction Shirts, Sinister Shorts, Tapout Gear and much more! When you compare prices from 2 of the largest MMA shops, not only do you have access to the best deals but the biggest selection available!


When MMA shops compete, you win!

MMA Supplements Now on MMA Discount!

After months of anticipation, the first true MMA Supplement line is ON SALE at MMA Discount! MMA MUSCLE has released it’s first 2 products: MUSCLE RAGE & MUSCLE SURGE.

RAGE is a preworkout formulation “designed to maximize muscle strength, power, explosiveness, and alertness in every workout or training session WITHOUT the typical side effects like upset stomach or energy crashes!”

SURGE is the post workout protein muscle volumizer. By targeting “all facets of strength, speed, muscle growth, and recovery, SURGE is in a class of its own.”

MMA Discount is running introductory specials on these products right now – so are the big sports nutrition sites like www.BodyBuilding.com, www.AffordableSupplements.com, www.BulkNutrition.com, www.DiscountAnabolics.com, and several others. You can find the MMA MUSCLE products ON SALE for $39.99 each OR both for as low as $71.99 – which is about a 40% OFF discount from retail prices.

Also new at www.MMADiscount.com is  the ability for users to search multiple MMA shops to find the best discounts! This October, MMA Discount has implemented the most effective way to live up to its name: The best way to be THE discount store for MMA is to allow users to shop multiple stores! When MMA stores compete – you win!

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MMADiscount.com has partnered with MMA Muscle, the first MMA Supplement Brand to sponsor amateur and professional fighters. MMADiscount.com and MMA Muscle Brand have REVOLUTIONIZED the way fighters can obtain partnership and earn the money they deserve by letting the power of the internet work to they’re advantage.. Fighters, come to MMADiscount.com to be a part of one of the 50 fighters to be accepted into the Fighter Partnership Program(FPP). This program will allow you to earn more income every month to help pay your bills.  Many fighters have already become a part of the FPP, and we look forward to the partnership with you.

MMA Discount offers DISCOUNTED MMA Gear, MMA Shinguards, MMA Shin pads, MMA Gloves, MMA Gym Bags, MMA Bags & Stands, MMA Fight Shorts, MMA Groin Guards, MMA Rash Guards, MMA Headgear, MMA Handwraps, MMA Sparring Gloves, MMA Training Gloves, and soon the highest quality MMA Supplements.


MMADiscount.com is also entering into an agreement with a social network that pays its users, www.6dgr.com. 6dgr.com is the most innovative idea in the history of social networking and the internet based on one key principal: Profit Share with your users.

IN MMA NEWS, its exciting to know that there is another brand recking its way into the MMA Fight League Monopoly that once was. Donald Trump and Affliction have paved the way for a new league in town! Affliction banned kicked off with a bang last weekend, and its going to be great to see the sport grow even more with fans and fighters! Loyal fans make this sport grow, and now there is even more promotion for the sport to help grow its fan base! Today, we are definitely excited about the XP3 fights this weekend in Houston, TX. This fight in particular features Shonie Carter, winner of Ultimate Fighter #1. Shonie will be back in action for the first time since May 30th. We look forward to hanging out with Shonie at the afterparty!

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