MMA FANS AND FIGHTERS! has partnered with MMA Muscle, the first MMA Supplement Brand to sponsor amateur and professional fighters. and MMA Muscle Brand have REVOLUTIONIZED the way fighters can obtain partnership and earn the money they deserve by letting the power of the internet work to they’re advantage.. Fighters, come to to be a part of one of the 50 fighters to be accepted into the Fighter Partnership Program(FPP). This program will allow you to earn more income every month to help pay your bills.  Many fighters have already become a part of the FPP, and we look forward to the partnership with you.

MMA Discount offers DISCOUNTED MMA Gear, MMA Shinguards, MMA Shin pads, MMA Gloves, MMA Gym Bags, MMA Bags & Stands, MMA Fight Shorts, MMA Groin Guards, MMA Rash Guards, MMA Headgear, MMA Handwraps, MMA Sparring Gloves, MMA Training Gloves, and soon the highest quality MMA Supplements. is also entering into an agreement with a social network that pays its users, is the most innovative idea in the history of social networking and the internet based on one key principal: Profit Share with your users.

IN MMA NEWS, its exciting to know that there is another brand recking its way into the MMA Fight League Monopoly that once was. Donald Trump and Affliction have paved the way for a new league in town! Affliction banned kicked off with a bang last weekend, and its going to be great to see the sport grow even more with fans and fighters! Loyal fans make this sport grow, and now there is even more promotion for the sport to help grow its fan base! Today, we are definitely excited about the XP3 fights this weekend in Houston, TX. This fight in particular features Shonie Carter, winner of Ultimate Fighter #1. Shonie will be back in action for the first time since May 30th. We look forward to hanging out with Shonie at the afterparty!


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